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Board of Directors

Aquatera's Board of Directors is seeking three (3) Directors to be appointed on June 3, 2023, at the Annual Meeting of the Shareholders. To learn more about this opportunity and apply, CLICK HERE.

Corporate Governance and Oversight 

Our Board of Directors are dedicated to implementing the highest standards of corporate governance and believe that sound corporate governance contributes value, trust and confidence among our stakeholders.

They bring diverse backgrounds and skills including legal and financial services, executive leadership, governance, business, and community service and development.

The Board is responsible for the stewardship of Aquatera, establishing key polices and standards for the company, including polices for the assessment and management of its risks and for reviewing and approving its strategic plans.

Board Meetings

The Board meets on an annual basis for a comprehensive, strategic planning session to approve strategic plans for the company. Additional board meetings occur up to six times per year, as well as joint meetings between the Aquatera Board of Directors and Aquatera Shareholders.

Aquatera’s CEO and senior management are responsible for the day to day management and business of the company.

When making decisions, our Board continually considers the best interests of Aquatera. To ensure balanced decisions are reached, the Board also carefully weighs the interests of our Shareholders, customers, employees and suppliers, along with the communities in which we operate including the environment, governments, regulators and the general public.

We are very proud to have such a strong group of individuals providing guidance, direction and support.

For more information on Corporate Governance, please see the documents below:

Aquatera Governance Disclosure (PDF)
Board Mandate (PDF)
Director Expectations (PDF)
Board and Committee Procedures (PDF)
Audit and Risk Committee (ARC) Charter (PDF)
Governance and Environment (GEC) Charter (PDF)
Human Resources (HRC) Charter (PDF)
Board Chair Position Description (PDF)
Committee Chair Position Description (PDF)
CEO Position Description (PDF)
CFO Position Description (PDF)