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Who can apply for a Service Connection/Service Disconnection/Meter Installation?
Builder, Developer, Mechanical Engineer, Engineering Consultant, Property Owner and any other authorized representative.

What are the requirements for the service connection application?
If you are applying for service for a commercial, industrial or residential (4 units or more) property, you will be required to provide a Site Servicing Plan and Testing Plan.

What is a Site Servicing Plan?
A Site Servicing Plan outlines the location of all underground infrastructure including storm, wastewater and water services, and surface infrastructure including street frontage, sidewalks/curbs, driveways, utility poles and hydrants.

What is a Service Disconnection/Demolition Permit?
A Service Disconnection includes a temporary disconnection at the property line or a permanent disconnection at the main. When a municipality requires a demolition permit, Aquatera will sign the demolition permit once the disconnection has been completed. A Demolition Permit is an official municipal document, issued by the municipality, that authorizes the demolition of a structure. Demolition permits can be found at:

City of Grande Prairie Demolition Permit
County of Grande Prairie Demolition Permit
Town of Sexsmith Demolition Permit
Town of Wembley Demolition Permit

How long does it take to get water?
It typically takes up to three months from the initial application submission to receive water.

Check out our Service Connection Infographic.

How long does it take to temporarily disconnect my water service?
Typically, Aquatera doesn’t conduct property line disconnections. It is the responsibility of the owner to hire a private contractor to disconnect the water and wastewater services at the property line. Aquatera must witness the property line service disconnection and requires a minimum of 24 hours notice to schedule a service disconnection witness.

How long will it take to install my meter?
If the meter is in stock, it takes between one and two weeks. If the meter is not in stock, one will be ordered and, upon arrival, scheduled for installation within one to two weeks.

How do I set up an account with Aquatera?
To set up an account please phone us at 780.538.0340 or email us at myaccount@aquatera.ca.

How much does it cost to get water?
The cost of connecting to municipal water can vary from one property to another and depends on a number of factors including the property type, water and wastewater service size, meter size, whether this is a new development or redevelopment, and associated construction costs.

When do I pay and what are my payment options?
Payments will be made in two installments.

First payment: Within ten days of the site inspection, Aquatera will provide a quote that includes the installation of services to the property line and restoration of the site to its original condition.

Second payment: Upon completion of the service installation from the public portion to the building, the applicant is responsible for submitting the meter application. Upon receipt, Aquatera will provide an invoice for the Infrastructure Charge and Meter Fee. Upon payment, the meter installation will be scheduled. Payment is required prior to meter installation.

Payments can be made by cash, debit or cheques payable to:

Aquatera Utilities Inc.
11101 104 Avenue
Grande Prairie Alberta
T8V 8H6

Check out our Service Connection Procedure to see when you can expect to make payments.

What is the Infrastructure Charge?
The Infrastructure Charge is a contribution by new development, or re-development if service size is increasing, towards the costs of providing major water and wastewater infrastructure needed to support community growth. Learn more about Infrastructure Charges here.

What is a County Cost Recovery Fee?
The County Cost Recovery Fee is a fee that helps the County recover the capital investment costs relating to water and/or wastewater infrastructure they have installed.

Does fire suppression service impact Infrastructure Charge fees?
No, fire suppression service does not impact Infrastructure Charge fees. Infrastructure Charge fees are based on the size of domestic water service from the fire tree to the building.

Who are your pre-qualified contractors?
Please email connections@aquatera.ca for a list of pre-qualified contractors that Aquatera works with.

Can I use a contractor who is not approved by Aquatera?
Yes, you can hire any private contractor to complete construction on the private side. Aquatera is only responsible for construction on the public side.

Why am I responsible for hiring a private contractor to disconnect water and wastewater services prior to building demolition?
Disconnection of the services at the property line (on the private property) ensures that Aquatera’s infrastructure is not accidentally damaged during the demolition process.