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Garbage and Recycling

Innovative solid waste operations 

We provide curbside collection services for household garbage, recycling and yard waste in Grande Prairie. We operate the Eco Centre – Grande Prairie's largest recycling depot, serving both residents and commercial customers as well as a Class II Bioreactor Landfill

To learn about the Landfill Gas-to-Energy project that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and converts this gas to energy, providing heat and electricity to our Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants, visit LANDFILL GAS-TO-ENERGY.

For more information, email solidwaste@aquatera.ca

Expanded Electronics Pilot Project

Albertans have been recycling their end-of-life electronics and the list is now expanding under a two-year pilot project (2020-2022). The data collected from this pilot project will inform the provincial government and other stakeholders to determine the best course of action on how to advance the electronics recycling program.

This is a residential only program and electronic items are accepted at the Eco Centre and Landfill as part of this project. For commercial customers, please contact Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) directly for support with electronic recycling.

There are five additional categories for electronic items that can be brought to the Eco Centre:

  • Small countertop appliances (i.e. clock, fan, hair dryer, heater, iron)
  • Audio/Visual (i.e. CD player, clock radio, digital camera, headphones, video camera)
  • Telecom devices (i.e. answering machine, router, pager)
  • Power and air tools (i.e. drill, grinder, nail gun)
  • Games, toys and music (i.e. action figure, amplifier, guitar, microphone, video gaming equipment)
  • Larger items can be brought to the Landfill for recycling, such as:
    • larger ride on toys and larger tools
    • items with Freon are not accepted in the pilot project but can be brought to the Landfill for a charge of $20.00/unit

Glass (i.e. glass mixing bowls, blender bowls, microwave inserts, anything that can shatter) will not be accepted to avoid injury.

When bringing items to the Landfill, please separate electronics from general waste in order to get the e-waste items free of charge.

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