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Cross Connection Control

A cross connection is the physical connection between the potable water system and an end use where a potential contamination hazard exists. Contamination of the potable water system can happen from backflow occurrences through cross connections with private plumbing systems or appurtenances. Backflow is the undesired reverse flow of these contaminants coming into the potable water distribution system.

Our first priority as a company is to ensure the residents of the communities we serve are provided with clean, safe drinking water. An integral component of this is our Cross Connection Control Program, which ensures the proper installation of backflow prevention assemblies to mitigate the hazards of cross connections.

The Cross Connection Control Program is a cooperative effort between plumbing and health officials, water purveyors, property owners and certified testers. Together, we establish and administer guidelines for controlling cross connections, ensure their enforcement and make sure the public potable water supply is protected.

Aquatera’s Cross Connection Control Program helps protect public health by preventing contamination of the public water supply from potential backflow occurrences. For more information, check out our CROSS CONNECTION CONTROL BROCHURE, and our FAQ's and Resources below.

What is the Cross Connection Control Program?

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