Infrastructure Charges

What exactly is the Infrastructure Charge?

The Aquatera Infrastructure charge is a contribution by new development towards the costs of providing major water and sewer infrastructure needed to support community growth. However, revenues from infrastructure charges cover about a quarter of major growth-related water and sewer project costs.

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How does it work? 

The Infrastructure Charge is based on the demand placed on the water/sewer system as governed by the size of the water service.  A demand based charge avoids the perceived inequity in a land based charge. For instance, a large parcel with a small water demand, like a pipe yard, paying a much higher levy compared to a relatively small parcel of land with a high water demand like a hotel.

How much does it cost and who pays? 

Water demand is based on the proportionate flow available for various water service sizes. The wastewater demand is directly proportional to the water demand. 

The infrastructure charge for a new single-family residential dwelling (3/4" or 19.05mm) is $10,423, which provides potable water, as well as wastewater service. This does not include a water meter fee.

Infrastructure within a subdivision is paid by the developer and contributed to Aquatera.  They recover their costs through lot prices to the home builder.  The home builder covers the costs to connect to the water and sewer systems in the yard and pass those costs on to the home owner. The Infrastructure Charge is payable when applying for the installation of a water meter, as late in the development process as possible, to minimize carrying costs.

We recommend consulting with Aquatera in advance of your development to ensure you are installing the appropriate diameter water service, and to ensure you are not oversizing your service and increasing the related infrastructure charge.

Please view our Infrastructure Charge Policy for more information on specific water and wastewater rates.

Where does the revenue go? 

It goes back into our communities to support growth-related infrastructure. $8.5 million in infrastructure charges were collected in 2014 and $6.4 million in 2015 . This money helped fund projects including our newly upgraded Wastewater Treatment Plant, the West End / Airport Water Transmission Line, Heritage Park Lift Station Upgrade, 116 Street Sewer Trunk, and various sewer trunk oversizing projects.

An estimated $4 million in 2017 will be collected from development projects. This will be reinvested in projects such as the Clairmont Lagoon Discharge, Clairmont Regional Lift Station and River Water Storage. 

About one quarter of growth-related infrastructure costs are recovered through the Infrastructure Charge. Utility rates recover the remainder, with contributions from grant funding where available.

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