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Eco Centre

The Eco Centre is Grande Prairie's largest recycling depot for residential customers. It features bins with large openings for faster unloading and a team member is on-site to help answer your recycling questions. Eco Centre location and hours

Items are required to be separated in the marked bins as each material type is separated and bulked in Grande Prairie and then sent to different processing facilities that do not have a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Aquatera labels the bins in order for customers to easily find what bin each type of recyclables should be placed in:

Blue Bins:

  • Cardboard   
  • Mixed Paper
  • Plastic and Tin    
  • Shredded Paper   

Red Bin:

  • Styrofoam

Accepted Materials: 

Items Not Accepted: 

Please make sure your items are free of contamination and for more information on how to properly dispose of waste, check out our Waste Sorter.

Share Area

Check out the Share Area at the Aquatera Eco Centre and help to reduce and reuse household waste!