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Eco Centre

Aquatera operates the Eco Centre, Grande Prairie's largest residential recycling depot. As well as accepting blue bag recycling, this facility accepts electronics, batteries, household hazardous waste, and much more!

The Eco Centre features designated bins and spaces for items to be disposed. As these items are bulked in Grande Prairie and sent to different facilities for processing without a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), they are required to be separated. All disposal bins and spaces are labelled so customers can easily determine where to discard their items, and team members are on site to help answer any recycling questions.

Accepted Materials: 

Unaccepted Materials: 

Wonder Where Your Waste Goes?
If you still have questions about how and where to dispose of your waste, please check out our WHERE DOES MY WASTE GO TOOL or our CURBSIDE, ECO OR LANDFILL Cheat Sheet!

Please ensure that recyclables are not contaminated (free from grease and food particles). Contaminated items can not be recycled, putting them at risk of being diverted to the Landfill.

Share Area
From lawn care and automotive items, to home renovation materials, the Aquatera Eco Centre may have just what you're looking for! Our Share Area is a great place to drop off household items (e.g. paint, oil, caulk, etc.) that no longer serve you or pick up items that you need! Check out the Share Area and help to reduce and reuse household waste!