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Bulk Water Services

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Bulk Water

Aquatera is proud to offer our customers clean, safe potable water at all our bulk water locations. Click here to find the Aquatera Bulk Water Station locations

Aquatera offers a prepaid, self-serve system for our bulk water customers!

This allows our customers to make bulk water payments 24/7, as well as access account details and usage reports. Existing customers will receive an email with their log-in information. For further assistance, please contact us at accounts.receivable@aquatera.ca or 780.830.7061 ext 1. 

If usage is under 0.5 m3 a minimum charge of $5.00 will be billed to your credit card.

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Please note:

-The bulk water charge on your credit card statement may show as "Soda-Snack".

- The tap function may not work in extreme cold temperatures, please use the swipe function on the pin pad.

- Please close the cabinet doors to the pin pads as they are heated and may help in preventing outages.


Aquatera calibrates our bulk water stations one to two times per year. Results from our most recent internal assessment indicate accurate readings with a calibration at 97.7%.