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Utility Account Services and Metering

  • Utility water, wastewater and curbside collection accounts
  • Paying your bill
  • Commercial and residential water meter installs, repairs and readings

Phone: 780.538.0340
Fax: 780.357.5920
Email: myaccount@aquatera.ca

Bulk Water and General Accounts Receivable

  • Commercial bulk water accounts
  • Septic and sump accounts
  • Solid waste accounts

Phone: 780.830.7061 ext 1
Email: accounts.receivable@aquatera.ca

11101 104 Avenue, Grande Prairie, AB,  T8V 8H6

Distribution and Collection

  • Maintenance and Repairs
  • Water Breaks
  • Plugged Sewers
  • Water and Sewer Line Locates
  • Fire Hydrant Servicing
  • Video Inspections

Phone: 780.882.7800 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)

Regular Business Hours
Fax: 780.532.0651
Email: repair@aquatera.ca

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9145 Park Road, Grande Prairie, AB,        T8V 7A4

Waste Management

  • Curbside Collection - Residential recycling, yard waste and garbage
  • Eco Centre - 10431 96 Avenue
  • Waste Management Facility (Landfill) - 4506 100 Street. No cash accepted. Only credit and debit payments are accepted and only if the card is present on-site.
  • Bioreactor Landfill Gas-To-Energy inquiries

Phone: 780.538.0452
Fax: 780.830.7060
Email: solidwaste@aquatera.ca


Technical and Engineering

  • Service Connections
  • Disconnections and Service Kills

Email: connections@aquatera.ca

  • Inspection Requests

Email: inspection@aquatera.ca

  • Alignment Requests and Crossing Permits

Email: alignment@aquatera.ca

  • Development and Sub-Circulations

Email: DP&Sub-Circulations@aquatera.ca

  • Servicing New Development

Email: devengineering@aquatera.ca

  • Servicing Agreements

Email: tech@aquatera.ca

Fax: 780.830.7430

11101 104 Avenue, Grande Prairie, AB,      T8V 8H6

Treatment Operations

  • Water and Wastewater Treatment Operations
  • Water Quality

Phone: 780.532.3996
Fax: 780.538.4554

5306 100 Street, Grande Prairie, AB  




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