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Sump and Septic

Septic Disposal 

Customers dispose of septic materials at a metered receiving station and a receiving station reserved for portable toilets only. The fees associated with this are based on the amount that they discharge to the system.

Sump Disposal 

Our sump disposal facility allows hydrovac companies to offload hydrovac material. The sump disposal facility is fenced. Customers must have an account, orientation and PIN number to access the area.

We use a scale system to track the weight of the material; recorded through a manifest by truck drivers; which includes the kg's (or metric tonne) off-loaded and where the load originated.

All carriers must ensure the material that they are off-loading at this site meets the requirements of Bylaw C-1365. We cannot accept contaminated hydrovac material. Learn more about Sump and Septic Rates.

Set Up An Account

For more information, or to set up an account, please contact us at ACCOUNTS.RECEIVABLE@AQUATERA.CA