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At Aquatera, one of the ways we maintain the watermains and yellow hydrants is by flushing to help keep the water lines clear of corrosion, sediment, and stagnant water. This is one of the steps we take in delivering trusted quality, valued service and peace of mind to our customers.

Please be aware that the water may appear cloudy or discoloured after the lines in your area are flushed. Aquatera recommends that customers run their taps until the cloudiness and discolouration is gone.

Maintenance and testing of red fire hydrants on private property is the responsibility of the property owner. Home and business owners are also responsible for clearing snow and ice from hydrants on or near private property. Aquatera is highly qualified to repair and maintain all fire hydrants in our service area. Let's keep our community safe and hydrants clear.

Hydrant Cart Rental

Aquatera Utilities has hydrant carts that are available for rent for contractors, owners, and builders who need a temporary water supply where water is not otherwise available. They are rented beginning in spring, once temperatures become seasonal and collected no later than October 1, weather permitting. These hydrant carts connect to a fire hydrant by our technicians and are great for applications such as:

  • Water main flushing
  • Dust control
  • Building infrastructure

Renting Rules and Regulations:

  • All hydrants are operated, maintained and inspected by Aquatera
  • Aquatera reserves the right to refuse any application
  • The applicant shall pay current bulk water rate at $10.93 M3
  • Upon the return of the hydrant cart, a final inspection will be conducted for any damage or missing equipment

A complete list of rules and regulations are included in the Hydrant Cart Use Permit Application Form.

Rental rates will be charged if consumption billed is less than $1000.00/month. Rental rates are calculated on a prorated basis for partial months. For example, an 18 day rental would be calculated as:

$1000.00/31 days = daily rate of $32.26; $32.26 x 18 days = $560.68 minimum charge.

To apply, please fill out the Hydrant Meter Cart Agreement.

*Deposit required*

Private Repair and Maintenance

Aquatera is highly qualified to repair and maintain all the public yellow fire hydrants in our service area. With this expertise and knowledge, we can also help you maintain your private red hydrant.

We offer:

  • Compliance
  • Value-based pricing
  • Excellent service and workmanship
  • Assurance you will meet National and Alberta fire code regulations

Fire Hydrant Inspection & Maintenance Service Program - City of Grande Prairie

Fire Hydrant Inspection & Maintenance Service Program - County of Grande Prairie

For more information, please contact accounts.receivable@aquatera.ca.

Red Fire Hydrants

Maintenance and testing of red fire hydrants on private property is the property owner's responsibility.