Emergency: 780.882.7800

Submit a Request

The Service Request Portal is an online portal for customers/contractors to submit a service issue or line locate request to Aquatera Utilities Inc. (Aquatera). Users will be required to fill out a form describing the work that is being planned or the issue being reported, and the user's contact information. The user must use a map to select an address for the request, and if submitting line locate request, use a drawing tool to show where the work will be completed. Users will receive an email confirming that the request has been submitted, and another email when the request is processed, containing the results. Requests are usually scheduled by Aquatera within five business days.

EMERGENCIES: All emergency requests must be phoned in to Aquatera's Distribution and Collection department at 780.882.7800, Ext. 2. An emergency locate is any situation that poses a threat to life, property or safety.

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