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Residential Water

We are experts when it comes to water, so it’s no surprise that residential water services generate the majority of our revenue. Water service fees include Water Consumption and Sewer (the amount of water you consume); Water Fixed Rate and Sewer Fixed Rate (the cost to deliver the service to you); and Municipal Water Franchise Fee and Municipal Service Franchise Fee (fees collected that go directly to our Shareholders).

Check out our Water and Wastewater Rates.

Residential Solid Waste

Every week, trucks collect solid waste from over 54,000 addresses in the City of Grande Prairie and bring it to the landfill. Residential solid waste fees are fixed charges that include Garbage Collection (the cost to deliver the service to you); Solid Waste Franchise Fee (fees collected allow us to build and maintain our infrastructure); and Recycle Program fees collected that allow us to fund waste-reduction initiatives such as blue-bag recycling).

Check out our Curbside Rates.

Commercial Solid Waste

We provide commercial solid waste services for businesses and institutions for diverse waste and recycling needs including construction and demolition debris, refrigeration equipment, asbestos, and items that require special handling. Rates are fixed and dependent on the type of disposal.

Check out our Landfill Rates.

Bulk Water

We provide clean, safe, potable water to our residential and commercial bulk water customers. Revenues from bulk water go toward building and maintaining our bulk water stations and associated infrastructure.

Check out our Bulk Water Rates.

Other/Admin Overhead

We generate revenue through a variety of miscellaneous sources including leases, infrastructure charges collected and applied to offset engineering overhead.

Sump and Septic

Our sump receiving area allows vacuum truck customers to offload sand, gravel and mud collected from car washes and shops with sumps. Our septic receiving station is reserved for portable toilets only. 

Learn more about Sump and Septic and check out our Rates.

Landfill Gas-to-Energy

Revenue from our Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project comes from two sources. The first is through the sale of excess power we produce to the Alberta energy grid. The second is through the generation of carbon credits which are available for sale to high carbon emitters to offset their emissions.

D/C Commercial Services

Our Distribution and Collection services include maintenance, repairs, line locates and 24-hour emergency services, if something unexpected happens. Rates are fixed and dependent on the required service. Revenues from these services go toward our operations and maintaining our infrastructure.

Check out our Maintenance, Repair and Locate Rates.

Operator Assistance

Municipal partners have elected to contract Aquatera to provide water treatment and other services in other communities outside of Aquatera's service region. For more information, please contact Business Development.