Maintenance, Repairs and Locates Rates

Emergency Calls 

Our Distribution and Collection team, the ones in charge of making sure all of our underground infrastructure is in good working order, are on-call 24/7 just in case something unexpected happens. 

At any time, day or night, we are available to ensure your water gets shut off in the case of a pipe burst or leak. In case of an emergency, please call 780.882.7800.

Water Supply Shut-off or Turn-on

During business hours - $85.00
After business hours - $170.00

Other Maintenance and Repair Rates (Business hours only, Minimum 1 hour)

  • Electronic location of utility services on private property - $225.00/hour
  • Video inspection of sewer services - $225.00/hour
  • Clearing a blocked sewer - $225.00/hour
  • Thawing a private sewer line - $225.00/hour

For more information, email or call 780.882.7800.

After hours is in effect from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and overtime rates will be applied accordingly.

Line Trace

  • Wastewater line locates on private property - $225.00

As required on private property and any area or location to locate wastewater services only. 

Request a Locate 

Line locates are of no charge up until property line or where Aquatera infrastructure ends. 

Maintenance of Private Fire Hydrants

  • Annual Hydrant Service - $295.00/hydrant per year 
  • Hydrant Plus Services - $450.00/hydrant per year
  • Premium Hydrant Service - $795.00/hydrant per year

Each additional hydrant will be charged $85.00/year. 

Get more information about the Private Fire Hydrant program.