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Landfill Rates

Disposal Fees

Normal Refuse - $95.00/tonne (minimum charge $10.00)

Construction and demolition debris - $95.00/tonne (minimum charge $10.00)

Animal carcasses or portions - $95.00/tonne (minimum charge small and large animals $10.00) *Call 780.538.0452 during business hours to make a request for disposal.*

Special handling - $190.00/tonne - (minimum charge $20)

Special handling includes large concrete or wooden objects and any other material deemed difficult to handle by Aquatera staff that comes in a mixed load.

Where special disposal is required for environmental or other reasons, Aquatera reserves the right to designate charges based on equipment and hours required.

Loads directed to the waste transfer station for unloading - $125.00/tonne (minimum charge $10.00)

Refrigeration and air conditioning equipment - $20.00/unit

Asbestos waste - $235.00/tonne (minimum charge $50) *Call 780.538.0452 during business hours to make a request for disposal for asbestos waste. Requests should be made at least 24 hours ahead of time."

Source separated waste - $47.50/tonne (minimum charge $10.00)

This includes white goods, large metal objects, clean concrete and asphalt, highway tires and off-road/oversized tires.

Mixed loads - may require special handling fees based on materials. 

Cleanfill and woodchips - may be accepted free of charge, please contact 780.538.0452 or email solidwaste@aquatera.ca.