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It makes sense that the majority of our revenue goes back into operating our business. We provide highly specialized services to the communities we serve and pride ourselves on ensuring it is of high quality and value. 


To ensure we are providing trusted quality, valued service and peace of mind, we hire highly qualified operators and professionals. 

Capital Renewal

Our rapidly expanding region means there is pressure to expand all types of infrastructure. We rely on a combination of savings, debt, infrastructure charges, grants and shareholder contributions to fund capital projects

Learn more about how we pay for growth in this article. 

Dividends and Franchise Fees

This is the money we pay back to our municipal shareholders. Each of our shareholders invested their water and wastewater infrastructure assets into Aquatera upon formation of the company, receiving preferred shares for the value of their investment.

These shares receive a mandatory annual dividend of five per cent on the value of their contributions.

In addition, ten per cent of water, sewer and solid waste revenue is collected as franchise fees and goes directly to our shareholders. 

Net Interest

This is the interest cost of debts, less the interest earned on investments. 

Cash Management Policy

Excess cash at the end of the year is allocated based on our Cash Management Policy.

  • The required cash to pay all outstanding current payables along with an allowance of working capital is retained in the operating account.
  • Dividends to shareholders (target of 20 per cent of cash flow).
  • Excess cash goes to a capital replacement or business development pool based on board approval. Capital must be at least 50 per cent of the excess cash.