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Rate Setting

Our rates reflect the cost to provide residential and commercial water and solid waste services to you. We work carefully to establish fair and affordable rates, while ensuring that our operational requirements are protected, and our investments allow us to continue providing trusted quality, valued service and peace of mind. To set our rates, we use the following criteria:

  • Full cost accounting - measures the complete, true costs of operating our business. Full cost accounting principles ensure that overhead and indirect costs, and past and future costs are all accounted for.
  • Rates in the median of comparable municipalities in Alberta.
  • Appropriate shareholder returns.
  • Allowance for future capital requirements.
  • Provision for business development growth.
  • Equitable fixed and variable rate structures.
  • Multiplier factors applied to various water meter sizes to recognize demand.
  • A uniform water rate for its current geographic area.
  • Wastewater rates providing appropriate returns for segmented operations.