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Holiday Recycling Tips

Did you know that the amount of garbage sent to a Landfill between Thanksgiving and New Years increases by 25 per cent? To encourage waste reduction this holiday season, check out our Holiday Recycling Tips!


  1. Save money and unnecessary waste by making your own cards, wreaths and ornaments this holiday season.
  2. Always bring your reusable bags with you when you do your holiday shopping.
  3. Get more our of your paper and cardboard recycling by using these items as gift wrap. You can reuse foil, newspaper and bags.
  4. If holiday lights are in good condition, store them safely to reuse them again next year.


  1. A lot of food is wasted during the holidays. Be realistic about how much food you will need for your holiday feast and send leftovers home with guests.
  2. If you do have food waste, put it in your Landfill cart. Organic materials quickly decompose, producing methane gas that is converted to a fuel source that heats and powers the Aquatera Water and Wastewater Treatment Plant.
  3. Minimize the use of plastic, paper and Styrofoam dinnerware and cutlery by bringing out your fancy holiday dinnerware.


  1. Purchase products that are made of recycled materials.
  2. Use household items to create new ornaments and decorations.
  3. Make recycling easy by placing recycling bins beside your trash bins at home and at work.