Aquatera proudly supports the Village of Rycroft by providing water and wastewater treatment services since 2012. Our operators work to ensure the Class II Water Treatment Plant and Class I Wastewater Treatment lagoon run as smoothly as possible.


Since mid-July, we have faced a number of issues with the raw water quality from the two ponds we draw water from in Rycroft, which is affecting the ability to provide high quality drinking water. 

On July 14, we were drawing water from the larger reservoir when the raw water quality turned quickly due to an algae bloom. Manganese levels became elevated, the pH of the water dropped and the raw water did not respond to normal treatment resulting in a strong odour in the treated water and increased colouration.  

The treatment plant was immediately shut down.  The water source was changed over to the smaller pond that had similar manganese levels and low pH.  A secondary chemical was ordered to improve treatment efficiency.  This secondary chemical was applied beginning July 25, with improving water quality.

The tap water continued to meet drinking water standards during this period, though the water quality taste, colour and odour did not meet our standards and those of our customers.

Water main flushing underway will more quickly improve the water quality available at customer’s taps. The steps taken have improved the drinking water quality and we’ll continue to monitor it closely.  

Why has it taken so long?

As the manganese coming from the 8 million gallon reservoir fluctuated, the potassium permanganate struggled to remove the manganese. Whenever manganese levels were high the plant was shut down to protect the aesthetics of the water.

Because we shut down the plant to lessen the effect of the treatment issues, there hasn’t been enough water for Rycroft Public Works staff to flush the hydrants, removing the discoloured water from the distribution system.  

When will the water return to normal?

As of August 1, the plant was able to make water more consistently and the water coming from the water treatment plant is clear and odourless at this time (pictured above).

Rycroft’s Public Works staff were able to begin flushing the hydrants August 3. This will continue until the problem is alleviated.

What can you do to help?

  1. Report the issue to the Village. The Public Works department will be able to track where the problem areas are and ensure the flushing gets done in those areas first
  2. Flush your hot water tanks
  3. Run taps longer