Over 65 percent of respondents to a recent survey on residential garbage cart sizes indicated they were happy with what Aquatera currently offers customers.  

The survey was online for 2 weeks in October, receiving more than 1,200 responses. The majority of responses (51 percent) ranked their satisfaction a 9 or 10 out of 10 and had no changes to suggest.

21 percent of Aquatera customers indicated that they think the carts are too small, while 14 percent said they were too big.

“This was an important part in our research into implementing a ‘pay as your throw’ system, where our customers could potentially pay a reduced rate for a smaller cart,” says Chief Operating Officer, Jeff Johnston. “However, with the vast majority of respondents indicating they did not want to see a change, we will not be moving forward with any changes to our current cart sizes at this time.”   

The survey was also able to capture other insight from customers about curbside collection service.

  • 16% would like to see the addition of a recycling cart
  • 8% would like to see some sort of options program available for cart size/cost.
  • 7% had structural recommendations in regards to lids, handles, wheels and holes for liquid draining
  • 6% would like to see the addition of a compost bin
  • 5% would like to see reduced costs
  • 2% would like to see bi-weekly pick up for those with less garbage

The responses we got both in the survey and on social media will help Aquatera make more informed decisions moving forward.

Currently, Aquatera provides a single option for residential garbage carts, which are 65 gallons (240 litres). Larger carts are 90 gallons and smaller ones 45 gallons.