Despite Earthy Smell, Water is Safe to Drink

April 6, 2017

Grande Prairie, AB – An earthy smell and taste in local drinking water shouldn’t cause any alarm for Aquatera customers. Warmer spring temperatures are initiating the spring melt in the mountains and flushing a large amount of natural water into our watershed.

The earthy odour – which may be accompanied by a more chlorinated smell, as well – is an annual occurrence and one we expect during spring run-off. Aquatera assures customers that their water is safe to drink and the earthy odour is temporary.

“While many regions in the world would love to have a natural water source like Aquatera’s, it does present challenges at this time of year. Our team – among the highest-trained in Alberta – ensure your water is safe to drink at all times.” says Chelsea Lewis, Communications Manager.

The sudden smell of earth in the water will often come during the final stages of the melt, which shows how close Aquatera’s water is to nature’s aquifers. We are aggressively focused on minimizing the resulting odor, and expect to see a reduction in the smell very soon.

To help with disinfection of the water, more chlorine is used to ensure the water is safe for consumption. Both the chlorine and organic levels remain well within Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines and provincially-regulated levels.

Tips to reduce the earthy or chloramine smells in tap water:

  • Run your tap a little longer before getting a glass or pitcher of water
  • Pour water from your tap into a water pitcher and leave it sit on the counter or in the fridge
  • If you have more sensitive taste buds or sense of smell, placing a slice of lemon or ginger in your water pitcher is a simple solution to eliminate any smells

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Stacey Kruger
Communications Specialist
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