GRANDE PRAIRIE – Aquatera is excited to announce that they are officially providing water to the Town of Wembley.

“For more than a decade, Aquatera and the Town have been working together toward a solution that would see Aquatera providing clean, safe, reliable water to the community of Wembley,” said Interim CEO, Jeff Pieper. “Today marks an incredible achievement for both Aquatera and the Town,” he added.

Previously, residents of the Town of Wembley received their drinking water from wells from a diminishing aquifer. This led to continuous water restrictions and limited the Town’s ability to grow. Now, a water transmission line extending a distance of 26 kilometres has joined the City of Grande Prairie to the community of Wembley, providing high quality, reliable drinking water to the Town from the Aquatera system.

Construction of the Wembley water line didn’t come without its challenges, says Ralph Wohlgemuth, Engineering Services Manager.

“Completion of the Wembley water line was hampered by less than ideal ground conditions between Aquatera’s water treatment plant and Highway 40 which made finding multiple leaks in this area very difficult during the pressure testing of this section.”

The Water transmission line was originally scheduled to be operational at the end of March 2019, however, limited access due to environmental conditions resulted in project delays.


Aquatera Utilities Inc. is the Grande Prairie region’s provider of water, wastewater and solid waste services. Its core purpose is helping grow healthy communities and aims to have the best people providing the best service for the best value.

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Ralph Wohlgemuth, Engineering Services Manager
Aquatera Utilities Inc.
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