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Fixed Rates

Fixed charges reflect the cost of delivering services to you. These charges include garbage collection, recycling, fixed water and sewer charges and municipal franchise fees.

Garbage Collection

Trucks collect from over 54,000 addresses in the City of Grande Prairie every week. This waste is brought to our Bioreactor Landfill, where methane gas produced from the natural decomposition process is used to power our Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Monthly Cost Per Residential Consumer - Effective January 1, 2018
Garbage Collection - $19.48
Solid Waste Franchise Recovery Fee - $2.00

Recycling Program

The recycling program charges that you see on your bill help fund certain waste reduction initiatives. This includes our blue bag recycling program and seasonal pick-up of yard waste, pumpkins and Christmas trees. This does not include the charges associated with your weekly garbage collection.

Our average customer recycles 250 kilograms each year through blue bag collection and drop-off recycling services.

The Eco Centre is the largest recycling depot in the region, recycling items such as paint, electronics, used motor oil, Styrofoam, and household hazardous waste.

Monthly Cost Per Residential Consumer - Effective March 1, 2017
Recycling Program - $10.18

Monthly Cost Per Non-Residential Consumer - Effective March 1, 2017
Recycling Program - $14.69
Commercial Cardboard Recycling - $15.33

Municipal Franchise Fees

The water and wastewater franchise fees that you see on your bill are remitted to municipalities to allow the use of public property for Aquatera water and wastewater services. This revenue does not stay within Aquatera. 

Other Fixed Rates

Security Deposit
Depending on a customer’s payment history with Aquatera, we may require both new and existing customers to pay a security deposit. For customers that do not have an established payment history we add a deposit ($200 for residential customers and $300 for non-residential). For customers without good payment history, we base the deposit amount on 3 months of bill history.

Customers who have maintained good payment history (12 months/residential and 24 months/non-residential) can request to have their security deposit and interest returned to them. We usually do so by crediting your account. If you close your account, the deposit is applied to any outstanding amount and if there is a credit balance it is refunded to you.

Application Fee
We charge a $34.50 application fee to set the account up. This is for the time it takes time to set up your account, look through any previous account history and have a technician do an initial read.

Collection Charge for a reminder notice - $2.00

Collection Charge for a final notice - $25.00

Fee for Dishonoured Payment - $25.00

Lab Analysis of Wastewater or Interceptor Material Samples
This is dependant on the type of anaysis required and the current contracted lab pricing.

Discharge of Wastewater or Interceptor material at the Wastewater Treatment Plant
Septic Disposal - $15.66 per cubic metre
Sump Disposal - $15.66 per metric tonne (1000 kg)