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Continuous Improvement

In 2016, Aquatera integrated LEAN into the organization, a systematic method of reducing waste without sacrificing productivity and saw tremendous success and commitment from employees. In 2017, Aquatera was awarded the International Continuous Improvement Excellence Award from Leading Edge Group, see Media Release.

In 2020, IDEA was implemented as a simple platform that recognizes and rewards great ideas within the company through:

  • Promoting Innovation
  • Challenging employees to Discover new ways to do business
  • Educating each other on change
  • Advancing the organization through savings (safety, time, money)

IDEA offers all employees an opportunity to participate in, and put forth, initiatives that will enhance how Aquatera operates, provide value to the company, and its customers and communities. Continuous improvement initiatives hold us accountable for all that we do and allowing each team member to affect their own jobs by eliminating steps that don’t add value to our customers.