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Why do I have to pay a deposit?

Aquatera requests a security deposit at the time of account opening to help limit financial risk - ensuring funds are available to cover unpaid bills. All deposits are held in an interest bearing account until its credited back, or used to pay outstanding bills. If a customer closes an account, they will automatically receive a refund of any amount left after payment of their final bill.

After 12 months (for residential) and 24 months (for commercial) of good payment history (missed no payments during that review time frame) - you can email us to request a review of your account for a deposit refund.

What account number do I use for online payments vs. online banking?

To pay your account online through eBill, enter the last seven digits of your account number without spaces. To pay your account through online banking, select Aquatera as a payee and choose Aquatera Utility Bill, not Aquatera Utility Invoice, and enter the full 14 digits of your account number without spaces.

Why do I need to provide a lease agreement when applying for service?

This ensures we are creating the utility account in the name of the person who will be responsible for paying for the service. Most lease agreements will state who is responsible for the utility (renter or the property owner). 

Can I change the day my bill is due?

No, you aren't able to change the date of your bill. Our meter technicians read your meter at a specific time of month depending on the area you are in. Once the information is gathered about your usage, it feeds into our billing process.  

Why is my bill so much higher this month?

Your bill may be higher than usual for a few reasons. The most common reason is a leaky toilet or faucet.

Have you checked for leaks? We have more information about that IN THIS BLOG POST.

Why am I paying more for water than my neighbour with five kids?

Your bill may be higher for a few reasons.

Our rates are uniform for everyone in the community you live in, however, your total bill amount will depend solely on the volume of water use per household.  If the amount of water you use is higher than your neighbours, your bill will be higher.

Have you checked for leaks? One of the most common reasons for a high bill is a leaky toilet or faucet. 


Why are sewer charges higher than water consumption charges?

Great question. We work on a financial accounting system that ensure we recoup the costs of operating our systems to ensure they are sustainable. Our wastewater (aka sewer) system costs more to operate than our water system and therefore, has higher rates.

Why are sewer charges so high in the summer when people are watering and it's not even going through the sewer?

This is a great question. We understand why it may be confusing that it’s charged the same as wastewater that we need to treat. However,  we aren’t able to tell if you’re using water to flush your toilet, do your dishes or water your lawn so we apply the same uniform charge to all consumption, which is based on the amount of water read on your water meter.

My property is vacant, why do I still have to pay for garbage collection and curbside recycling?

Yes, you do. It is mandated by the City of Grande Prairie bylaw. On our end, it would be very complex to complete collections if we had to check which properties were not paying for service.

Can your meter over-read?

All our water meters use positive displacement technology, which cannot over-register. 

The measuring chamber fills up and then empties out, and since it is a known volume, we can calculate the consumption based on how many times it fills up and empties.


How do I change my credit card's expiry date?

Sign into your ACCOUNT, go into your profile and make the change there.

Why do I have to pay an application fee every time I move?

This is for the time it takes time to set up your account, look through any previous billing history and have a technician do an initial read.

Can you do a credit check so I don't have to pay a deposit?

In short, it's a simpler process to request deposits than to do credit checks. Additionally, you won't take the hit on your credit for a mandatory credit check when opening an account with us. 

Why do I have to pay an $85.00 turn on fee?

This is to cover the cost of having one of our metering technicians come to your residence and turn on your water service. 

Why do I have to be there to have my water turned back on if I wasn't there for the shut off?

This is to ensure that no taps are left on and to avoid or address any flooding or leaks.