Water and Wastewater Rates

You're charged for what you use

Every month we send our customers their total water consumption costs based on cubic meters used. One cubic meter equals 220 gallons of water, or 1,000 litres.

To calculate this cost on your bill, we take the amount of water your residence or business consumes in one month, and multiply it by the current water and wastewater rates in your area.

Average Use

The average amount of residential water consumption is around 16 cubic meters/month. The average Aquatera residential household in Grande Prairie pays about $35.94/month for water and $42.92/month for wastewater treatment services.

You will notice your bill has Water and Sewer Fixed Rates. Your meter is charged based on it’s size, and the demand it places on the water system.  Larger meters place a higher demand, resulting in a higher cost.

Minimum Charges

Because there is a minimum cost charged to supply water services to your home or business, there could be a time when you see a charge on your bill for meter size - regardless of your water usage. This is consistent for all active accounts with Aquatera.

A well-maintained distribution, collection and treatment system means you always have running water when you need it, and receiving excellent customer service when you need it most. 

City of Grande Prairie Rates

Water (residential) - $1.538/m3
Water (non-residential) - $1.691/m3
Water (irrigation) - $2.307/m3
Wastewater - $2.126/m3

Utility Bylaw C-1365 (PDF)

County of Grande Prairie Rates

Water (residential) - $1.538/m3
Water (non-residential) - $1.691/m3
Water (irrigation) - $2.307/m3
Wastewater (residential) - $2.126/m3

Utility Bylaw 3070 (PDF)
Utility Bylaw 3082 - Amendment to Bylaw 3070 (PDF)

Hamlet of Clairmont Rates

Water (residential) - $1.538/m3
Water (non-residential) - $1.691/m3
Water (irrigation) - $ 2.307/m3
Wastewater (residential) - $2.090/m3
Wastewater (non-residential) - $3.135/m3

Town of Sexsmith Rates

Water (residential) - $1.538/m3
Water (non-residential) - $1.691/m3
Water (irrigation) - $2.307/m3
Wastewater - $1.770/m3

Utility Bylaw 938 (PDF)

Sump and Septic Rates 

Sump rates - $16.03/1,000kg 
Restaurant grease - $24.87/1,000kg
Septic disposal rates - $16.03/1,000kg