Water to Wembley

We would like to welcome the Town of Wembley to the Aquatera family.

For more than a decade, Aquatera and the Town of Wembley have been working toward a solution that would see Aquatera providing water to the Town of Wembley. Currently, residents of Wembley receive their water from aquifers and wells, resulting in lower water quality and restrictions to preserve water levels.

In 2016, Aquatera invested $2M toward the $20M project, with the remainder being funded by the Clean Water Wastewater Fund Federal Program and the Provincial Water for Life Program. With the funding in place, a Letter of Intent was approved in June 2018, by Aquatera Shareholders - City of Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie and Town of Sexsmith, making the Town of Wembley Aquatera’s fourth Shareholder.

With construction of the Regional Transmission Line beginning in July 2018, Aquatera looks forward to providing the Town of Wembley with clean, safe, reliable drinking water in early 2019!

For more information check out the FAQ's below, email us or join us for the Wembley Community Appreciation Event to learn more!

What does all of this mean?

Why is Aquatera going to begin providing water to the Town of Wembley?
Aquatera and the Town of Wembley have been working towards this for over a decade.

Currently, residents receive water from aquifers and wells, which are not always the highest quality water and can lead to water restrictions needing to be enforced to preserve water levels and limit the Town’s ability to grow.

Now, finally on the horizon, we are excited to be part of the solution to bring Aquatera water west to the Town of Wembley, ensuring community development and sustainability for the region.

What does it mean for the Town of Wembley, and its residents, to be a Shareholder of Aquatera?
In short, this means that the Town of Wembley will exchange its water infrastructure for shares in Aquatera, becoming Aquatera’s fourth shareholder, and first new shareholder since its inception 15 years ago.

For the Town, it means that Aquatera will take over all of the risk and costs of owning, maintaining and operating the system. For Aquatera, this is what we do best. We’re experts in our field and are confident in our ability to ensure the residents of Wembley have high quality, safe, reliable drinking water.

With the Town no longer having to fund water infrastructure, Council will be able to invest in other community needs. In addition, dividends will be paid to the Town after two years which can also be invested back in the community.

Learn more about our Shareholder Model.

Who is paying for this service to be delivered to the Town of Wembley?
Aquatera invested $2M toward the $20M water transmission line project, with the remainder being funded by the Clean Water Wastewater Fund Federal Program and the Provincial Water for Life Program.

Your water rates will not increase.  

What other services will Aquatera be providing to the Town of Wembley?
Beginning January 1, 2019, Aquatera will only be providing water to the Town. To simplify things, you will receive a single bill, which will come from Aquatera for all of your municipal services, including water, sewer, garbage and recycling.

We will collect the fees from water to pay for the system we are operating. The sewer and garbage fees will go to the Town of Wembley who will continue to manage those services.

The wastewater system is expected to transfer to Aquatera July 1, 2019 at which time Aquatera will own and operate this service, too.

Where is the water sourced from?
The water that Aquatera treats comes from the Wapiti River.

How do I know this water is safe to drink?
Our promise to our customers is trusted quality, valued service and peace of mind. Our first priority as a company is to ensure the residents of the communities we serve are provided with clean, safe drinking water.

To keep this promise to you, we have some of the most qualified operators in Alberta on our team, working around the clock. 

Will I have to have a new water meter installed?
Most properties in Wembley had a water meter installed in 2016 when Aquatera was contracted for the project. Water meters have a 20-year lifespan on them, so we’re good for a while now!