Our Shareholders and Reporting

We've been in operation since 2003, providing a model of regional cooperation between our municipal shareholders - the City of Grande Prairie, County of Grande Prairie No. 1 and the Town of Sexsmith - and serving over 80,000 people in one of the country's fastest growing regions. 

This model is both profitable and sustainable, and consistently delivers value to our shareholders and the communities we serve. 

Shareholder Approval 

The following require unanimous consent, meaning that all three of our shareholders must formally approve them:

  • Board of Director Appointments 
  • Acquisitions and New Shareholders 

Aquatera Strategic, Business and Capital Plans are approved by the Board of Directors with input by Aquatera Shareholders. 

Rate Setting 

Our shareholders retain rate setting authority. Using full-cost accounting methods, we recommend rates that will ensure we continue to operate in a sustainable way. Each municipality may choose to adopt our recommended rates, or choose to subsidize services for its residents. 


Each of our shareholders has invested the water and wastewater infrastructure assets into Aquatera upon formation of the company, receiving preferred shares for the value of their investment.

These shares receive a mandatory dividend of 5% annually.

For more information about what has been paid back to our shareholders in dividends, see our Annual Reports below.   

Reports and Information 

Utility Bylaws