Capital Projects

Our region is one of the fastest growing in the country. To accommodate this, we allocated $93 million dollars in capital investment plans related to water and wastewater treatment, distribution and collection in our 2017/18 strategic plan and have invested $81 million to growth related infrastructure over the last five years.  

2018-2019 Capital Projects Map (PDF)

Water Infrastructure

Wapiti River Bank Protection, Intakes and Storage

The Wapiti River is the source of our regional drinking water. High river flows from spring runoff and flood events are causing the River to shift its course; eroding the river bank next to river pumping facilities and covering up water intakes in the river.

Storage ponds next to the river help settle out dirt when the river is muddy before water is pumped to Grande Prairie for treatment. We plan to dredge and enlarge the ponds to provide critical storage.

These ponds can become the only source of water when pumping from the river isn’t possible which can happen during a flood event or an upstream environmental event as occurred on the North Saskatchewan River in 2016 impacting the drinking water supply for cities downstream.

River facility upgrades including bank stabilization, intake relocation and raw water storage capacity increase will provide protection from flooding, improve emergency response and resiliency of river ways integral to the regions growth.

Budget: $16.4 million

Funding: The project is directly in line with the funding objectives of the Federal / Provincial New Clean Water / Wastewater Program – for which funding support is being sought. Utility rates provide funding through Aquatera earnings and debt and Infrastructure Charges supporting the growth related project costs.

West Transmission Trunk 

The construction of a second transmission line from the water treatment plant to the existing distribution system. 

Budget: $2.6 million 

Funding: The project is funded from the Infrastructure Charge.

ZONE II Pump Station Upgrades

The Pump House and Reservoir will undergo a roof refurbishment and an investigation as well as inspection of the towers.

Budget: $1.2 million

Clairmont Pumphouse/Reservoir (Mercer Hill)

Construction of a new water pumphouse and reservoir atop Mercer Hill is needed to support growth in the northern sections of Clairmont, including Clairmont Heights. This project will ensure adequate storage for fire protection and strengthen the existing water system for all of Clairmont.

Budget: $8.7 million

Funding: This growth driven project will be funded by Aquatera, County of Grande Prairie investment and developer contributions.

Water to Wembley

A Regional Water Transmission Line from Grande Prairie to Wembley will provide the Town with a sustainable, high quality drinking water source. Aquatera will own and operate the transmission line once the project is complete in 2019. This line will be sized to extend west in the future, potentially serving Beaverlodge, Hythe and Horse Lake.

Budget: Aquatera will be investing $2 million towards the $20 million project. The remainder came from the federal Clean Water and Wastewater Fund and the provincial Water for Life funding.

Downtown Infrastructure Upgrades 

This project coincides with Phases 3 and 4 of the City of Grande Prairie’s downtown street scape improvements project.  Water infrastructure replacement will be coordinated as part of the City’s Project.  It replaces some of our oldest infrastructure and upgrades to accommodate City of Grande Prairie's plans for intensified redevelopment. 

Budget: $2.7 million

Funding: Aquatera will be contributing $1.4 million towards water infrastructure in 2018 and $1.34 million in 2019.  The City will also invest in the project.

Second Water Transmission Line 

The final section of twinning of approximately 600 meters of an existing raw water line to the Water Treatment Plant. 

Funding: The project is funded from the Infrastructure Charge.

Hawker's Booster and Chloramination Station 

The installation of a water booster and chloramination station to maintain water flows and chlorine residuals to the Hawker Business Park. Phase 1 will be complete in 2018 and includes the initial pump station and chloramination station.  Phase 2 includes upgrades to the booster pumps and will be completed as growth demands dictate.

Budget: $1.6 million

Wastewater Infrastructure 

Wastewater Clairmont Regional Lift Station (Phase 1)

Expected growth in north Clairmont, in particular Clairmont Heights, will consume remaining sewage pumping capacity in the short term. Ultimately, this project will accommodate long term growth in north and east Clairmont; replacing three existing sewage lift stations with a single regional lift station and new sewer trunk lines. The project is tender ready and growth driven.

Budget: $13 million

Funding: Funding includes County and Aquatera investments, developer contributions and provincial funding of $7.6 million.

Clairmont 116 Street Discharge Project

The Clairmont Lagoon has exceeded its sewage treatment capacity. This project will support long term growth in Clairmont and provide a higher level of sewage treatment by pumping wastewater to the Aquatera treatment plant in Grande Prairie through a new pumping facility and 9.3km of new pipeline. A Trunk Sewer extension along 116 Street will also service additional quarter sections in the City of Grande Prairie for future development.

Land acquisition and detailed design began in 2016. The project was awarded to Mainline Construction in July 2017 with construction expected to be complete in 2018.

Budget: $15.8 million

Funding: Primarily by grants, County investment, and utility rate supported debt.

Sexsmith – 95 Avenue Sanitary Sewer

The purpose of this project is to increase the capacity of the existing sanitary system to accommodate increased growth in the south end of Sexsmith. 

Budget: $1.2 million

Funding: $450K contribution from the Town of Sexsmith.

Westpointe Sanitary Diversion 

The on-site component of this project includes the extension of the 116 Street. The trunk through the Kensington Development to the intersection of 84th Avenue and 116 Street.

The off-site component includes the installation of a sanitary main between 113 Street and the 116 Street along the south side of 84th Avenue. It will ease the current capacity issues along the 108 Street sanitary sewer by diverting flows from Westpointe Subdivision into the new 116 Street trunk sewer. 

Budget: $1.2 million

Solid Waste

New Bioreactor Landfill Cell

The current active Bioreactor Landfill Cell is rapidly approaching final elevation. Once this elevation has been achieved, Landfill operations will shift to the older cells with garbage lifts and gas well extensions to bring them up to final elevation. 

Budget: $2.8 million

Landfill Gas-to-Energy

Aquatera’s Landfill is able to capture naturally occurring methane gas from decomposing waste and convert it into a fuel source to heat and power the adjacent Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants.  This significantly reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions as well as utility costs, while improving air quality.

With the drilling of additional landfill gas, we will be able to tie in to the existing landfill gas system.  This will allow for the continued generation and capture of landfill gas to be used in further electricity production at the Energy Centre. 

Budget: $1.2 million