2018 Workshops

Changes to Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines – Presented by Associated Engineering

A three part workshop :

  1. Changes to the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality
  2. Algae Control and Treatment
  3. Iron and Manganese Removal for Surface Water and Groundwater

Workshop Date:               Tuesday, November 6th, 2018 (8:30-4:00pm)

Water Sampling – Presented by  Bob McAlpine of WQ Consulting Services (0.6 CEU's)

Course Introduction:

Both water and wastewater operators need to be fully conversant with understanding the importance of water sampling, how water samples should be taken, how to take representative samples, as well as understanding and interpreting the results. This course will cover all aspects of water sampling (drinking water and wastewater) including the use of chlorine meters and turbidity meters, as well as understanding human health risks related to bacteria and parasites. Additional sections include basic understanding of laboratory procedures and taste & odour testing. Sampling is a critical component of all water and wastewater operators’ responsibilities, and this course is designed to fill that requirement and need.

Instructor Bio:

Bob McAlpine B.Sc. P.Biol

Bob McAlpine has worked as a Water Quality Specialist since 1982 in industry, federal and provincial governments and as a Consultant in the UK, Alberta and British Columbia. Bob’s background includes working as a Senior Scientist for Thames Water Utilities in the UK. In a consulting capacity, Bob has worked for municipalities, city departments, the energy sector, mining, engineering, construction and private development companies. His expertise extends to water and wastewater, water quality assessments and advice on treatment, microbiology, water chemistry, and regulatory compliance. When working with Thames Water Utilities in the UK, Bob was a NAMAS accredited auditor, Water Scientist and Technical Advisor at Farmoor near Oxford.

People Smarts – Kris Robins

This is a full day workshop that will provide methodologies of determining the preferred approach of the person you are working or communicating with.  The interactive activities throughout the workshop will deliver valuable insight into enhancing workplace relationships along with providing an understanding of the power of influencing change from all levels of the organization.

Gas Detection and Sensor Technology 101 – Presented by Brad Yaceyko of Honeywell

At the heart of every gas detector measurement is a sensor; in this half day workshop join us to learn more about sensor technologies used in portable safety gas detectors. You will gain a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of these important safety devices.  Topics covered in this workshop will include: applications, sensor technology, calibration and bump testing recommendations, a review of common atmospheric gas hazards and the consequences of failing to monitor for them.

Workshop Date:               Thursday, November 8th, 2018 (8:30am - 11:45am)

Reading Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams is a graphical interpretation of the monitor and control process within a plant using various symbols that denote the piping, instrumentation and equipment.

This full day course will provide participants with an opportunity to learn and understand the principles related to reading piping and instrumentation diagrams.  Students will be provided with a workbook for reference in during the course.

Areas of focus will include:

  • Master Sheet
  • Symbols
  • Instrumentation
  • Line Designation
  • Following process flow
  • Controlling process operations

The full day workshop will be presented by ATAP.

Workshop Date:               Thursday, November 8th, 2018 (8:30-4:00pm)

Workshop Fee:                 $395.00 (includes workbook)


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